Simulate IP address from any country to access web sites with restrictions

By | 16 March 2011

the proxy is a computer/server between our pc and destination. Naturally connecting to proxy by setting it up the pc address for the target will not be from the origin but that of proxy.
There are both free and premium proxies (generally you must make a subscription), second naturally are most reliable.
There are many sites of free proxy (es. ProxyMore, Open Proxy List) you must do a more selective search by finding just ones of the country of our interest and that they are working, fast, 100% anonymous (some they aren’t really, once setup proxy you can check it with this test).
Lastly you must set it up in your favourite browser (simply Google for it).

There are also various proxy via web, in this case you just must submit desidered URL in a specified field and confirm.

pro: it doesn’t require any kind of installation, so it’s O.S. indipendent solution
cons: hard to find a proxy (especially free) that match with criteria described just above

it’s similar to proxy, you can read here to know more about.
Within VPN all the connection will be anonymized!
You can both find free VPN services (here an updated list) and premium; naturally you must choose a proper VPN service that will provide us an IP address from location that we need.

pro: more easy to find than proxies and more reliable
cons: it could require software installation (client VPN), generally free services offers less bandwidth or limit some services like streaming, P2P

it’s a multiplatform software solution that doesn’t require special configurations/work, you just must download and install the right setup for you.
Once started Vidalia/Tor you automaticallyu will enter in an anonymous Network circuit; so you can browse by enabling the Tor extensions for your browser or setup it manually with this address like a proxy localhost : 8118
Natually Tor will connect to a random node, but you can also specify to use one of a specific country by following this guide

pro: easy and fast to use
contro: require software installation

Once you have choosen your preferred solution you can check where come your IP address with various online services, eg. What is my IP address.

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