Youtube: actual features and what i would like to have

By | 22 March 2011

Youtube, il famoso sito di condivisione video utilizzato da milioni di utenti ha tantissime features, vediamo quali sono le principali sia dal punto di vista spettatore che di realizzazione video:

– video divided by categories
– popular, actual, related, suggested for you videos
– play video at any point of timeline
– “like” or “don’t like”
– make playlist
– share on social network
– embed code
– abuse notify
– adult filter
– statistics
– support https protocol
– support high definition (720p, 1080p)
– comments
– watch in various sizes (player size, fullscreen)
– set videos as private
– version for mobile, tv and mediacenters, consoles, other devices
– APIs and widgets
– various formats supported for upload (.avi, .3gp, .mov, .mp4, .mpeg, .flv, .mkv)
– max lenght 15 mins and max file size 2gb (for standard users)
– make a channel (personal page with own videos)
– tags and geotagging (within Google Maps)
– inseriment adv (for partners)
– inseriment annotations (for partners)
– add captions and subtitles
– video editor

Youtube is also testing experimental features, you can test them with TestTube.

By my own opinion the service could be enhanced with these cool features:

– support more video formats (eg. Real Player)
– extend video lenght
– better quality (eg. like Vimeo)
– ability to record online in realtime from a streaming source (http/rtsp/rtp/mms)
– share a bit of a full video
– multiplatform official desktop player
– download videos without third party plugins
– better buffering

and you, what features would like to have?

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