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5+ cool stuffs you can do with a security distro

There are various security oriented GNU/Linux distributions, they includes tons of hacking and cracking tools, most of them works command line, some of them have a GUI. Kali, Parrot Security OS, are both based on Debian Testing and BackBox, derived from Ubuntu, are the most popular security distributions. Do you know exactly how security experts… Read More »

Facebook, Google+ and Twitter alternatives

Without any doubt Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are most popular social networks but there are various other interesting alternatives that maybe you don’t know yet. is the largest Russian social network in Europe, founded in 2006 by Russian programmer Pavel Durov. Actually available in 41 languages and has an average of 70 million daily… Read More »

When tech gadgets meet luxury

There is a part of electronic gadgets that isn’t for consumer, their target are rich people. These luxury high tech gadgets often have an unique design and premium materials. The English manufacturer Vertu has smartphone collections starting from 4900 Euros, a unique feature is that they also offer the Made to order service which allows… Read More »