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5+ cool stuffs you can do with a security distro

There are various security oriented GNU/Linux distributions, they includes tons of hacking and cracking tools, most of them works command line, some of them have a GUI. Kali, Parrot Security OS, are both based on Debian Testing and BackBox, derived from Ubuntu, are the most popular security distributions. Do you know exactly how security experts… Read More »

Monitor computer and smartphone time usage with these free apps

Do you want to know how much time and how your children spend using a computer or mobile device? You don’t need to install a “spy” software, there are free computer and smartphone/tablet apps that monitor their usage. Windows: Apps tracker clean Modern UI interface that show in a simple way detailed reports all the… Read More »

Create, Delete, Export, Import, Optimize a MySQL database from command line

Create, Delete, Export, Import, Optimize a MySQL database are common tasks that can be done with various tools, for example using PHPMyAdmin, a MySQL client, command line. If you have access to the server you can do these tasks directly from Windows command line or Linux terminal. Create database mysql -u [username] -p[password] -e “CREATE… Read More »

Free software review September 2018

Most interesting free and opensource software of the month: Double Commander is a free cross platform open source file manager with two panels side by side. It has some interesting features like internal text editor, built in file viewer, archives are handled like subdirectories, extended search function, etc… Free VPN Test is free tool that… Read More »