5+ cool stuffs you can do with a security distro

There are various security oriented GNU/Linux distributions, they includes tons of hacking and cracking tools, most of them works command line, some of them have a GUI. Kali, Parrot Security OS, are both based on Debian Testing and BackBox, derived from Ubuntu, are the most popular security distributions. Do you know exactly how security experts… Read More »

Monitor computer and smartphone time usage with these free apps

Do you want to know how much time and how your children spend using a computer or mobile device? You don’t need to install a “spy” software, there are free computer and smartphone/tablet apps that monitor their usage. Windows: Apps tracker clean Modern UI interface that show in a simple way detailed reports all the… Read More »

Create, Delete, Export, Import, Optimize a MySQL database from command line

Create, Delete, Export, Import, Optimize a MySQL database are common tasks that can be done with various tools, for example using PHPMyAdmin, a MySQL client, command line. If you have access to the server you can do these tasks directly from Windows command line or Linux terminal. Create database mysql -u [username] -p[password] -e “CREATE… Read More »