Cloud technology really used?

By | 22 March 2011

Cloud technology is spreading wide and there are various applications environments, i think there are both pro (keep data safe and everywhere and everytime available) and cons (uploads/downloads times).

A list of actual uses are:

store and share online data
photos, docs, audio, videos, archives etc…
famous examples are Google Docs, Dropbox, Amazon S3 services

hdd backup images
many disaster recovery products, both free and not, offers the feature of online backup (eg. Comodo Backup)

security products
eg. antiviruses and malware removal tools like Panda Cloud, Comodo Cloud Scanner, IOBit Cloud

web apps and CMS hosting
eg. using Amazon EC2 services the applications are deployed online

play via cloud for example with OnLive service

And do you use them? In which environments?

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