How much are secure your social profiles?

By | 25 February 2017

Computer security is always an hot topic, especially when we talk about social networks. Let’s imagine how dangerous can be if a your social account will be comprimised by another person?
Your personal data, chats and media uploaded can be stolen.

So security is an important theme if you use social networks.
Malwarebytes, the famous security company, has recently published an interesting article How do I secure my social media profile?.
In the blog post the author William Tsing examine the security options you activate using Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn.
Facebook has an entire section dedicated to privacy and security in their help center.

Maketecheasier website made a good list of 5 Reliable Ways to Secure Your Social Media Accounts.
It’s recommended Enable two-factor authentication on your accounts, Use a password manager, Use a separate email address for social activities, Add your phone number as a recovery option, Take advantage of social network privacy options.

I also want remember that in case of suspicious activities many social networks send a warning to the email address you used to register reporting date and time, place and browser used about the access attempt asking confirmation if was you or not.
If you answer no you will be prompted for password change.


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