qBittorent is a lightweight torrent client without ads

By | 14 February 2017

qBittorent is a free and reliable P2P Bittorrent client available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Like all torrent clients it uses BitTorrent, a P2P protocol used for file sharing over Internet.
Forget about uTorrent! Although is one of the most popular torrent client it contains invasive ads, if you want get rid about them you need to purchase the Pro version.
qBittorent is fast and lightweight and doesn’t include any ads.

You can download download Windows and Mac OS X binaries from the official site.

During the setup (Windows version) you can leave checked the flags that allows to associate the .torrent files to be automatically opened with qBittorent, open Magnet links and add a rule in the Windows firewall.

The interface is clean and simple. From the toolbar you can easily add torrent links and files, delete torrents in the list, resume and pause torrents, handle the priority and open the preferences.

There are many program options, you can choose the default path for the downloaded files, the port used for incoming connections, set connection limits, limit speed and also enable a web interface for the remote control (a web server will be started using port 8080 by default but you can change it).

The program also integrates an RSS reader and an useful search engine (it requires Python installed, the setup will start automatically).
Once completed you will have a new tab called “Search” where you can easily search torrents.
There is a list of trackers used by the program, you can see them using the Search plugin button at the right bottom corner, and you can also install other plugins.

qBittorent is a fully featured and recommanded torrent if you use this P2P protocol.

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