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By | 16 February 2016

ownCloud is a free web software (available also as commercial Enterprise edition) that provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices.

It has a server part, a Linux web server (or a shared hosting server) is required for the installation.

System requirements:

min 128mb RAM (at least 512mb are recommanded)
MySQL (MariaDB 5.x; Oracle 11g; PostgreSQL are also supported)
PHP 5.4+
Apache 2.4

For detailed installation instructions check the latest version of the Administration Manual at the documentation link.

In the User Manual there are listed the various ownCloud features: web interface, files and synchronization, contacts and calendar, collaborative document editing.

After read the documentation and if hardware and software requirements are satisfied you can proceed by installing ownCloud.

For the client side, over the web access, you can download native desktop clients for Windows 7, 8.x and 10, Mac OS X 10.7+ 64bit, Linux and mobile clients (iOS, Android, Blackberry apps) which you can synchronize your files.

You can extend the core ownCloud features by installing hundreds of free apps (multimedia, productivity, games and tools).

The default maximum upload size is 512mb but you can increase this limit up to what your filesystem and operating system allows (read Uploading big files > 512mb page in the Administration Manual).

What are the pro to use ownCloud?

– easy to use and nice design
– you don’t need to use external services
– full control of the service
– maximum flexibility (bookmarks, gallery app for photos, notifications and deletions, share with anybody, external storage support, encryption and security, versioning and undelete, calendars and contacts, activity feed, collaborative editing, play music, watch movies, store passwords and much more)
– access from any device and syncronization

Try the demo for free.


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