Why upgrade to Windows 10

By | 18 January 2015

Windows 10

Windows 10 is the next operating system by Microsoft, successor of Windows 8.

The new features will be announced the next 21 Jan. when the Consumer Preview will be presented, the release date is set for Fall 2015.

Windows 10 introduces new features that justify an upgrade if you have Windows 7 or 8 installed, moreover for Windows 8.1 users the upgrade should be free.

Windows 10 will be a multiplatform OS, so a unified version both for desktop and mobile and will be also only one Store. The new Continuum mode allow to switch from a desktop environment to mobile with a simple touch, this features is especially designed for hybrid devices and will be activated when the operating system detect if a keyboard is connected.

Windows 10 bring the so loved Start menu back, it has been removed in Windows 8.

Another important feature is the introduction of virtual desktops, the user can switch between as many desktops desires.

In Windows 10 Metro apps could be opened in windowed mode too, and not only in full screen.

Another important feature is the introduction of Cortana, the Windows Phone virtual assistant, you can use it both with keyboard and voice commands.

Moreover Microsoft is developing a new browser, codename Spartan, that will replace Internet Explorer, the new software will be so lightweight.

A news also for videogamers, Windows 10 will integrate DirectX 12.

Windows 10 should bring also various security and privacy enhancements (new two factor authentication method, etc…).

News also for multimedia features with the native support for MKV and H.265/HEVC standard for video compression. You can playback the files with Windows Media Player and it also supports the ability to stream the videos to DLNA enabled devices using Windows’ “Play To” wireless technology.

Windows 10 will have 3 updates mode: Opt-In (the operating system will be updated frequently, this mode is addressed mainly to home users), Lock-down (this mode is mainly addressed fro business, the updates will not include new features but only security patches), In-between (a mixed mode of the two).

Waiting the final version if you want test Windows 10 you can download the ISO file of Technical Preview.


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