Iperius Backup review and contest

By | 20 May 2013

Iperius Backup is a very good Italian Windows backup software.

Simo blog has reviewed and tested the 2.1.0 freeware version, main features are:

– Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 compatibility
– files and folders automatic and fast backup including the support of many devices (external USB disk, NAS, RDX, Network, etc…)
– stable and reliable

you can see all features here http://www.iperiusbackup.com/features.aspx

The interface is easy to use (pic 1)

Within the dropdown menu you can choose the languages (various are supported) and in the program’s preferences you can choose to autostart the program when user logon, manage the log files creation, start the program as a service (not available in the freeware version), choose paths of temp files and log files, activate Web Reporting notify (not available in the freeware version).

On few steps you can create the backup:

choose elements to backup (in the commercial version you can also add Windows Drive Image and backup SQL Server) (pic. 2)

add backup destination and choose the backup type (full, incremental) and choose to activate zip compression (pic 3)
in the commercial version you can also add Tape, Cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive) and FTP as destination.

in the Options tab you can set various preferences (pic 4)

you can also set to schedule backup (pic 5) and choose to send e-mail notify (pic 6)

there is also a powerful web reporting feature, thanks to it you can manage all backups from a web panel on the site

the program allows also to execute a program or open an external file (for example a batch) before and after the backup (pic 7)

Once the backup is created you can start it, at the end you can show the log produced (pic 8). I particularly appreciated you can choose the compression level, the automatic exclusion of hidden and system files, and the 3 backup types the program offers.

The restore is very simple, just select the zip file (or in the commercial versions from tape, from cloud or the restore of a database) by selecting the overwriting options (pic 9)

The freeware version offer the basic features, if you need more features you can choose the commercial versions, see all their features.


Thanks to a cooperation with Enter Srl they kindly offer these license to Simo blog readers:

– 3 full
– 2 cloud
– 1 essential

In order to partecipate please use the widget below, good luck!
Note: the license are assigned based by the order of the extraction (eg. the first three will win the full license).

At the end of the contest the winners will be announced here and sent to the developer which will provide soon to send all the info about the download/activation of the software.

Simo blog respects your privacy: your email and Twitter/Facebook account addresses will not be used for any other purposes.

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