Best tools and services for collaborative projects

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Collaboration tools are a key factor in a business workflow that involves a team.
They help the people of the team to easily achieve a great number of common tasks such as projects management, code editing and repository, communications, cloud file storage etc… With the evolution of technology online collaborative software and services assists in solving a predefined task together in a group more easily.
In this article lets see the actual most interesting collaboration tools (both free and paid).

Google Apps for Business la suite di Google che fornisce gli strumenti online per la produttività quali Documenti, Fogli di calcolo, Presentazioni, Drive, Calendario e Gmail.

GitHub the coding collaboration repository for virtually any software or development project (paid subscriptions for private repositories).

Zoho a famous and widely used collaborative tool, it has a large number of applications, from productivity apps to business and collaboration apps.

ONLYOFFICE offers a variety of cloud office applications, you can try it for free for 30 days.

TeamWox offers various SaaS tools (software as a service) like human resources management, task management, document management, voice communication, CRM, social tools, email client etc…

Teambox un po come TeamWox ma con l’aggiunta/integrazione di strumenti quali Dropbox, Box, GitHub e strumenti Google, inoltre disponibile apps per iOS e Chrome; gratuito fino ad oltre 5 utenti.

Infine questa mind map elenca tutti i migliori tools di collaborazione online, è sempre aggiornata.

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