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By | 25 October 2011

Especially for who works with graphic if you buy a new monitor it’s important to calibrate it to generate right color profiles (files ICC) with some hardware tools (colorimeter) and specific software.

Who don’t own these tools on internet there are public availble profile colors ready to use.
Let see where to download them and how to use with the various operating systems.

Adobe ICC profiles for Windows and Mac. For all the 3 platforms they are available separate downloads for end users and bundlers.

ColorManagement here you can find many and updated color profiles, moreover there are various useful tif images to use to test colors.

TFT Central here you can find a table where listed various monitor brands and models, for them you can download related color profiles.

Digital Versus another wide database classified per brand.

Once downloaded you can load in your operationg system. There is different procedure if is Windows, Mac or Linux. On TFT Central and Digital Versus you can find the istructions. If you don’t know on Windows 7 there is a basic monitor calibration tool on control panel.

If you don’t find specific color profiles you can try to use “generic” ones and make some tests to see who matchs better and accurate colors for your monitor.

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