Manage your bookmarks on cloud with GGather

By | 22 March 2019

GGather is a service that allows you to manage your bookmarks on cloud so you can access them everywhere and every time.

There is a free version with some limitations, the paid version, GGather Plus, has more features:

– Unlimited bookmarks import
– Subtag filtering
– 5 additional link layouts
– Private bookmark annotations

The interface is clean and easy to use.


manage your bookmarks on cloud with GGather

How to use GGather

You can start build your own Library basically in two ways: add a new link, import own bookmarks (.htm or .html format, 6mb max size), with the basic account import is limited to 2000 bookmarks.

You can also save links in other ways (click on Learn Saving Methods), for example add “” before website address, or use Google Chrome extension, or use a bookmarklet.

For each link you can add annotation and tags to search them friendly.


manage your bookmarks on cloud with GGather

In the left sidebar of main interface you can search links by name / tag.

In the right sidebar you can choose display type (panels, grid, cards, etc…) and sorting order (Newest, Older, Rated First).

A useful and interesting feature is sharing own tags.

In the edit tag window you can edit tag name and description, assign a color and choose visibility: Private, Unlisted, Public (invite only).


manage your bookmarks on cloud with GGather

Private – tag is hidden and inaccessible for everyone.
Unlisted – only users that know the tag URL (you can see it in Details tab) can see and access it, it’s possible to subsribe to the tag, eg.
Public (Invite only) – the tag will be public, it will appear in the public GGather search, in the discovery section and under own GGather profile.

You can also export all links of own Library in .html or JSON format from Account & Settings -> Export.

GGather is GDPR compliant (see Data Control section from own account).

GGather isn’t the only service that allows you to manage your bookmarks on cloud, is a valid alternative.

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