Monitor computer and smartphone time usage with these free apps

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Do you want to know how much time and how your children spend using a computer or mobile device?
You don’t need to install a “spy” software, there are free computer and smartphone/tablet apps that monitor their usage.


Apps tracker clean Modern UI interface that show in a simple way detailed reports all the applications used and for how long.

ProcrastriTracker opensource time tracking tool with detailed statistics on usage.

RescueTime the lite version is free and allow to Track time in websites and applications, Set goals, Get a weekly email report, Report history for 3 months. RescueTime also works on Mac, Linux and Android with dedicated extensions for Chrome and Firefox to measure website activity.

unGlue available for Windows, iOS and Android. The free version has Family Usage Reports feature.


RescueTime (see Windows)

Usage a simple menubar app for tracking your application usage.


ScreenTime app available for Android and iOS. The free version includes the following features: App Usage, Daily Reports, Web History (Android only), Search History (Android only), 1 Device per child.

QualityTime the free version contains ads and has basic features.

App Usage the free version contains ads and has basic features.

RescueTime (see Windows)

unGlue (see Windows)


ScreenTime (see Android)

RescueTime (see Windows)

unGlue (see Windows)

Moment available on App Store (offer in-app purchases), you can set daily limits and be notified when you go over.

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