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Monitor computer and smartphone time usage with these free apps

Do you want to know how much time and how your children spend using a computer or mobile device? You don’t need to install a “spy” software, there are free computer and smartphone/tablet apps that monitor their usage. Windows: Apps tracker clean Modern UI interface that show in a simple way detailed reports all the… Read More »

Be anonymous on smartphone using Tor

Tor (The Onion Router) allows to ensure anonimity using Onion Router, a node of the TOR network. So the internet traffic isn’t routed in the traditional client – server way but uses a complex and crypto virtual circuit created with many Onion Router. Sure you have heard about Dark Web, the “dark” side of Internet… Read More »

January 2017 best Android apps

Friendly for Facebook is the most complete Facebook and FB Messenger alternative. SQUID is a news app, you just need to select the feeds of your interests.

December 2016 best Android apps

Clip Layer is a Microsoft app that can be launched over any screen so you can select, copy, and act on snippets and then share them. Gfycat Loops allows record your screen and make GIF of the video. PayPal Business allows you to manage your PayPal business account (send invoices, manage sales, transfer money etc…)… Read More »