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By | 3 September 2018


Everyday many devices are connected to Internet and lot of data (included own sensible data like IP address, etc…) is exchanged, so you must be very careful about privacy, not only about our personal data in social networks or messaging apps we use. is a precious site that includes lots of useful privacy info and tools.
Using the tools and services listed in the website you can protect more your privacy.

You can find a useful list of VPN services outside US, that accepts Bitcoin, have OpenVPN support and no log policy.
Using a VPN provider will not make you anonymous. But it will give you a better privacy. You will be connected not directly with your ISP but through a VPN server in the world.

You can also find recommanded browsers, Mozilla Firefox is the first choice within some privacy related Add-ons listed and suggested manual tweaks in about:config.

There is an email section: a list of Privacy-Conscious Email providers, email tools and clients, Email Alternatives.

You can find Privacy Respecting Search Engines.

There is a section about Encrypted Instant Messanger.

There are other sections about File Sharing, Encrypted Cloud Storage services, Self-Hosted Cloud Server Software.

In the website you can find various privacy oriented software: Secure File Sync, Password Manager, Calendar and Contacts Sync, File Encryption Software.

A list of Self-contained Networks (Tor, etc…), Decentralized Social Networks, DNS tools and services, Digital Notebook apps, pastebin services, Productivity Tools, PC Operating Systems and Live CD O.S. (basically various Linux distributions), Mobile Operating Systems, Android Privacy Add-ons, Open Source Router Firmware.

The website warns to don’t use Windows 10 O.S. and give a link for a tool that allows you to easily set privacy options on Windows 10.

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