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An ad blocking software is necessary for secure Internet browsing, especially if you visit web sites with tons of ad popups showing.

As reference of 2017 report by PageFair the adblock users are growing each year both using desktop and mobile devices.
This is an important fact. Many sites have their income from ads, for visitors it’s acceptable if the ads aren’t too much invasive.

To block ads you need an ad blocking software, there are various browser extensions available.

AdBlock (available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Firefox)
Adblock Plus (available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Android, Yandex Browser, Maxthon)
AdGuard (available for Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Firefox, Yandex Browser)
uBlock Origin (available for Chromium, Safari, Edge, Firefox)
Nano Adblocker (available for Chrome, Edge)

I personally choose uBlock Origin, it’s lightweight in terms of CPU and RAM usage and works well.
It offers many filters and lists that are updated often. You just need to go to extension settings (gears icon). Here in the extension dashboard go to filter lists tab.
You can choose which ones to enable. There are EasyList filtes, advanced filters for privacy protection, to block social tracking and for “anti-adblock”, the scripts that are used in many websites that detects if you are using an adblock and ask you to disable it to show the content.
By enabling Adblock Warning Removal List, Anti-Adblock Killer, uBlock Protector List abd saving changes most anti-adblock will be blocked.

Extra: to block mining scripts like CoinHive, Monero etc… the adblock-nocoin-list list from GitHub repository in your AdBlock filter.

To have an extra protection from anti-adblock you can use the Nano Defender extension within Nano Adblocker or uBlock Origin. It’s available for Chrome / Chromium, Edge, Firefox.

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