Best free Windows tools to remove BHO

By | 9 May 2013

BHO (Browser Hijacking Objects) are malicious components that aim to open unwanted web pages during navigation.

These components are installed silently in your system, they are hidden in some normal software and all browsers can be affected.

There are various free good removal tools:

Spybot Search and Destroy:
one of the most famous, it performs a system scan and find the malware, has a database updated often.

another well known program, it can be installed or also available as portable, it performs a quick or full scan (files, registry and memory), it allows to put the files in quarantene.

one of the most effective program, it works via command line and it’s all automated, at the end it will output a text log file.

very easy to use, useful to perform more scan if you have been other tools but want be sure to stay safe.

removal tool that exists from many years, quick scan, you must analyze the entries found (it can detect not only the malware).

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