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By | 6 May 2013

WPML is the most fully featured and reliable solution if you want to have a multilingual WordPress based site.

The plugin allows to easily translate pages, posts, custom types, taxonomies, menus as well as theme’s texts. It’s compatible with any theme and plugin that uses WordPress API and the support is excellent with a wide documentation and a forum.
The plugin is developed by OnTheGoSystems, a team of experts in translations that olso operates within ICanLocalize, a professional translation service.

Once the plugin is installed and activated firstly it must be configured by choosing current language of existing contents (pic 1), then the languages to add, there are over 60! (pic 2) and then add a language selector via widget (and easily customize colors) or in any part of your theme with the provided PHP code (pic 3).

Once the configuration is ended you can set other options (pic 4).
Pay attention to language URL options, you can choose between 3 different options: language name added as a parameter (like ?lang=es), create virtual directories for languages (like /es/ejemplos/), Use different domains for languages (like es.yoursite.com/ejemplos/).
In the same configuration page there are also options to modify default language and add/remove other languages; options for language selector, options for the language of the admin area, for the blog posts to show, to hide languages, for the redirect based on browser language and for SEO.

In addiction there are also lot of addons that comes with the main plugin:

– String Translation
– Translation Management
– Sticky Links
– Translation Analytics
– CMS Nav
– Media
– MarketPress
– GravityForms

See online documentation for their usage.

In the page and post editor you can easily add/edit translations (pic 5).

In Appareance -> Menu you can set menu for the different languages (pic 6).

As said users can switch the language in the frontend within the language selector.

WPML is available in 2 versions Multilingual CMS valued 79$ and Multilingual Blog valued 29$.


Thanks to a cooperation with OnTheGoSystems they kindly provide a subscription for WPML – Multilingual CMS.

Follow carefully the rules in order to partecipate and to have a chance to win, good luck!

Simo blog respects your privacy: your email and Twitter/Facebook account addresses will not be used for any other purposes.

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