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By | 31 May 2011

Maybe you noticed when visiting Facebook fan pages that sometimes the content is hidden and you must click Like to reveal it, naturally this is done for stimulating the subscriptions.

To create these pages is enough simple, here is the process.

1. Create a Facebook page, go to Developers page and click “Set new app”

2. Give a name and click “Create app”

3. Here we are on the main page with general application infos; you can insert a description, an icon, a logo, choose language etc…

4. On website insert URL and domain of your own website and apply the changes

5. Facebook integration it’s the most rich/interesting part:

– on Canvas page choose a name for your own page, this will compose the address
– on Canvas URL insert the address of your site that contains the secret page (eg. http://www.test.com/secretpage/)
– on Secure Canvas URL insert the URL if https protocol is supported
– on iframe size you can choose to see the scrollbars or auto-resize (the standard size of Facebook page is 520px)
– on Tab name give it a name
– on Tab URL insert the full address of the secret page (eg. http://www.test.com/secretpage/index.php); must be a PHP file, you will know by reading below
– on Secure tab URL insert the full address of the secret page if https protocol is supported

Once done you must create the index.php with some code and upload it within the facebook.php file (part of Facebook SDK) on the choosen path.
Here an article that show and explain the php code content.

6. Back to alla general infos app page and click on Application profile page, you will be redirect to application page

7. Scroll down and on the left part click Add to my page; in the popup list choose the application just created

Who visit the fan page if click on Go to application will show content for non fans until click Like.

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