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By | 25 May 2011

TeamViewer is a very good and popular multiplatform (also in mobile version) free pc remote controlo program (there is also a commercial license for commercial purposes). It’s easy to use, light and safe (encrypted connection), moreover there is also a portable version.

Follow a quick visual guide:

You can download program here. The guide is based on all-in-one version, which allows both to remote control a computer or to be controlled.

Once executed you can choose to start the program with or without installing it. (pic 1)

The program appears in compact view divided in 2 parts (pic 2): remote control and presentation. They are similar, but the first is for remote control tasks. Communicating the ID and password to another TeamViewer user, he could manage your pc remotely; if you want manage a computer you just need to enter its ID on ID partner field then you will be prompted for the password (pic 3). On Presentation tab you can start a presentation inviting other users and communicating them your ID and password or you can join a presentation entering the ID of who has started the presentation.

Once remote control is started you have a useful menu with various options (pic 4) whereas the other user will be noticed of the established connection by a popup. (pic 5). Both users can close the connection at any moment by clicking the red cross.

A quick overview of all menus: Actions (pic 6), View (pic 7), Audio/Video (pic 8 ), File transfer (pic 9), Extra. (pic 10)

Most useful features over the remote control is that you can transfer files between the 2 pc nad you can also start a chat session.

The program has also a feature (you need to register an account for free) to see which of Teamviewer’s partners are online. (pic 11)

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