The console war: Kinect vs Move vs Wii Motion

By | 21 June 2010

Naturally there are important considerations:

Wii was “pioneer” about this kind of controller in actual consoles, now also MS and Sony are playing in this field with Kinect for XBOX360 and Move for PS3.

So considering that Wii has already his own success on the console market the true question to do is if these 2 new game accessories will kick off the Wii. If yes which one will have more success and why?

The first big difference to see compated to Nintendo controller is the video support thanks to video camera that over classic use (video recording video, webcam) are used for motion tracking sensor.

The 2 new accessories will be available both in bundle with console (299$ or 399$ for the MS console depending if it’s the Arcade or Elite version or 449$ for the new XBOX360 Slim and 400$ for the Sony console) and standalone (150$ for the MS console and 50$ for the Sonu console controller + 30$ for Eye, the video camera is extra accessory of Move), naturally the number of possible sells of the controllers only will be proportional to already selled consoles (data says 38,28 millions of XBOX360 and 32,51 millions for PS3 – statistics taken by an article of Wii italia of March 2010).

Move will be available in Europe from 15 September while Kinect will arrive later, 4 November in USA.

An important role for the success will be also what and how many games will be compatible with these 2 accessories and what and how many will be developed for them.
Over technical data we must wait time to see them in action and judge their performances.

By speaking about console only, XBOX 360 and PS3 have their pro in hardware vs Nintendo console, while Wii has the advantage to have a gameplay suitable for all ages, a more used multiplayer, big chances to play with backup discs (even if this is not legal).

At the end i also report this interesting comparison made by Sony


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