Increase or decrease application speed with speed hack

By | 20 November 2009

Maybe not all knows that within some programs it’s possible to alter speed of applications by increasing or decreasing it. This practice is called speed hack and generally is used to “trick” on online games (eg. Flash) but generally could be used for any matter; like make faster the countdown of the file hosting sites like Rapidshare.

A program (free for Windows) it’s called Cheat Engine, once downloaded and installed the use is very easy. You just need to open a process (within the specific icon on top left side), then press the checkbox “enable Speedhack” and set the desidered speed, 1,0 it’s the normal speed.

Another similar program is NessGears (free for Windows), it’s very similar. You must select the processes (yes it’s possible to select more than one!), then some hot keys will shown about speed hack and then set the speed like before.

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