How to bypass forum registrations and read articles

By | 14 November 2009

Many maybe already knows the web service Bug me not that allows to find accounts of sites and make login, so bypass registration. Eg. tipically to read articles of private forums.

There is another Firefox extension called User Agent Switcher that allows to easily change the User Agent so the visited site “think” you are using that specified browser like IE, Firefox, Opera etc…
It’s possible to use this addon to have same result of Bug me not but without any account!
These contents not visible to guess users in fact generally are not blocked to search engines like Google.
So you just need to add Google user agent to Firefox addon and then access these contents by “simulating” being the Google bot (spider).
First thing we must choose to create a new user agent from from options menu of the add-on and add this on the description:

while in the user agent field:

Googlebot/2.1 (+

Then select the User Agent just created to use it (it’s possible that CAN’T work with all sites)

At this address you can see some images that illustrates the tutorial.

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