In depth being anonymous in net

By | 27 May 2009

In previous articles (essere 100% anonimi in rete, soluzione gratuite per navigare anonimamente e sicuri) i discussed about some solutions to be anonymous on net, particularly:

– using specific web services (Anonymouse, Hide My Ass, Megaproxy are just some)
– using public proxy lists (SAS, AliveProxy)
– using specific programs (eg. TOR, XeroBank, Freeproxy)
– using VPN services (you can find them in the linked article)

Every one has pro and cons. It’s a good thing to test own anonimity with specific services (eg. Show my IP, Pensacola’s Greatest Proxy Tests section are just some). So let analyze them:

using specific web services:
pro: they dont requires any installation/configuration
cons: generally they are supported with advertising, they could have problems to render sites with some technologies (eg. particular Javascript, Flash/Silverlight, etc…), it can allow anonimity just for web surfing

using public proxy lists:
pro: dont requires installations, they can be used for other purposes over web surfing (eg. also in messaging clients, chat, ftp client, etc…), you can look for the best performances by selecting the proxies more fast
cons: generally they should be updated every tot. time as they couldnt work no more, they should be verified by checking true anonimity

using specific programs:
pro: generally they provide a secure anonimity and without taking care to find the right web service or a working proxy
cons: richiede installazione software, possono rallentare anche sensibilmente la navigazione

using VPN services:
pro: they offers a good speed (naturally based on service quality), they make not just anonymous web surfing but for example also P2P use
cons: they could require software installation, the best generally are not free.


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