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Free online services and software for image compression

In some cases you need to compress image without compromise image quality, for example when the target is the web publishing, or if they must be embedded in documentation or slides, or in email attachments, etc… There are various online services for this purpose, they easily allow to compress images in various formats preserving quality… Read More »

Chat apps and services with cryptography support

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a digital communications system that facilitates two or more parties, known as communication endpoints, to communicate securely through an untrusted third-party, such as telecommunications service providers, Internet providers, or application service providers. WhatsApp and Telegram, the two popular messaging apps, use this type of encryption but there are more available. ChatSecure… Read More »

Send big files: best services that doesn’t require signup

Inviare grandi files non è un problema, esistono diversi servizi che consentono di inviare files di grandi dimensioni velocemente e facilmente. Se si ha necessità di scambiare files sia per uso personale che professionale (foto, video, documenti, audio, ecc…) l’email è un mezzo abbastanza ristretto, considerando in generale un limite di 10mb massimo per gli… Read More »

Make Google Drive powerful with these scripts

Drive is the popular cloud storage service by Google. Maybe you don’t know that you can execute interesting tasks using the Google Apps Script scripting language. On Internet you can find scripts ready to use, just follow the instructions in the posts:

IFTTT alternatives

We already covered IFTTT (If This Then That) in a previous article, online service and available also as Android and iOS app that allows to execute automatic tasks from user defined rules (called recipes). The service is free and support many apps. In IFTTT website you can find many recipes ready to use, or you… Read More »