Bodhi Linux: a lightweight distro for old PCs

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Bodhi Linux is a lightweight Linux distro based on the latest Ubuntu LTS release and featuring the Moksha Desktop.
You can download three different ISO images:

  • Standard: the platform standard for desktop and work station computers, suitable for 64bit Operating Systems
  • Legacy: 32bit release that utilizes the older 3.2 Linux kernel
  • AppPack: the standard version + a variety of themes and applications installed by default (Libre Office, VLC, Chromium web browser etc…)

We have tested Bodhi Linux 5.0.0 standard version on VirtualBox 6 using the image from web site.
The recommended System Requirements are: 1.0ghz processor, 512Mb RAM, 10GB of drive space.
Bodhi has it’s own Appcenter with packages grouped in various categories.

At the bottom we find the action bar that is fully customizable.

Bodhi Linux lightweight distro
Bodhi Linux

In the main menu we can find:

– Applications, list of installed apps
– Places, that opens PCManFM file manager
– Quick Launcher, very useful to start applications, settings, plugins quickly
– Take screenshot, to capture the screen
– About Operating System, info about Bodhi Linux
– Settings, all the Bodhi Linux settings (wallapaper, themes, screen settings, input, etc…)
– System, for screen Locking, Logout, Suspend, Hibernate, Reboot and Power Off

In the left part of the action bar there are the web browser icon, Bodhi AppCenter icon, PCManFM icon, System Updater icon.
In the right part of the action bar we find the network status, audio, clipboard, virtual desktops, system time, button for Power Off, Reboot etc… and, lastly, the battery status.

Bodhi is a very good lightweight distro suitable for running on old hardware.

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