Block ads using Hosts file with Energized Protection

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Energized Protection is a project that provides various packs, basically list of domains to block using HOSTS file.

Main features:

– compatible with all devices, regardless of OS.
– block advertisements, malwares, spams, statistics & trackers on both web browsing and applications
– you can download packs in multiple formats, different variants for different devices.

In the GitHub page you can find a table with the list of various packages and extensions, a brief description, best use device (any, MID/HIGH END), number of blocked domains and package size.

You can use Energized Protection on:

– rooted Android devices: you can use Energized Protection Magisk module or with AdAway
– non-rooted Android devices: using Blokada, DNS66 or Personal DNS Filter app
– iOS devices: using any Ad blocking Client app
– Windows: best usage with HostsMan
– Linux: using Energized Protection script

In the Energized Protection website you can find instructions for usage on Various Devices, and you can check if you are protected by Energized Protection.

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