5 cool things you can do using Linux shell

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Linux shell

The Linux command line (also called Linux Terminal) is a very powerful tool that allows to run many tasks, also complex, in a rapid way.
Bash (acronym of Bourne Again SHell) is a GNU/Linux text shell. It’s the evolution of /bin/sh standard Unix shell.
You can write programs by using shell scripting (.sh extension), they are also called Bash scripts.

Some usage examples of the Linux console.

Upload files on Google Drive / Dropbox
You can use the Bash scripts hosted on google-drive-upload Github repository to upload files on Google cloud service. Note: accessing Google API requires authentication credentials which can be created using developers Google Console (see a tutorial here). Make sure Google Drive API is enabled for the project created in the Google Console. This API key (client id and client secret) will be used in the google-oauth2.sh script to generate OAuth 2.0 token to access Google Drive APIs.

To upload files on Dropbox cloud service you can use the Dropbox Uploader Bash script (supports official Dropbox API v2, no password required or stored).

Currency Converter
You can use the Currency Bash script from Bash-Snippets Github repository for currency converter.

Weather forecast
You can use the Weather Bash script from the same above Bash-Snippets Github repo to get weather forecast. You can pass arguments like city or country to get the weather in that area, with no arguments it will grab the weather for your location as determined by your ip.

Send a tweet
You can use the tweet.sh Bash script to send a tweet. Note: you must generate API keys and setup tweet.client.key file.

Backup local folder to a remote server via FTP
You can use the script.sh Bash script hosted on Bash-Backup-Script Github repository to make a backup of a local folder and upload it to a remote server using FTP. You must first setup the variables at the begin of the script.

These are just some stuffs you can do using shell scripts, isn’t cool?

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