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By | 30 December 2014

Battery save is one of the most hot topics about Android smartphones and tablets, so here is a list of simple but useful tips and apps that allows to extend the battery life of your Android device.

Disable Wi-Fi, mobile internet connection, bluetooth, NFC, GPS, sync when you don’t need them. Their usage are the main cause about battery life.

Disable Wi-Fi and mobile network location (under location services). It’s useful to the apps to let know your current position but uses battery.

Disable automatic brightness (under display settings). An high level of brightness uses lot of battery, set level to acceptable value.

Use minimum widgets and unuseful apps that use battery (eg. animated backgrounds).

Use custom profiles (for example when you sleep is a good idea to use airplane mode).

Limit, when possible, playing games and multimedia playback (audio/video), they are true battery killer.

Unistall apps that use lot of battery and find alternative solutions. For example Facebook is one of the 10 apps that uses most of the battery (it also uses lot of CPU and RAM), you can use the mobile version that is almost pretty equal.

Identify the apps that uses most battery. The use of Wakelock Detector (requires root) and Greenify allows to save battery. The first app checks wakelock usage history on your device, thus detecting which apps are preventing your phone from properly resting when not being used. It can tell you which apps are using wakelocks and how often they utilize said wakelocks. Once you have identified them you can “hibernate” them using the second app.
Another useful app for battery monitoring is GSam Battery Monitor (doesn’t require root privileges).

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