Best Android privacy apps

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Privacy is always an important topic, especially when are about new technologies.
For example the privacy can be easily be compromised by smartphone apps and send your personal data and info in background.

But luckily there are various free apps that allows to be more safe, here are the best ones for Android.

Navigation and use apps anonymously

when you go online with your mobile device you are identified with IP address like with pc.
There are some good free apps that allows to easily change your real IP address, for example Hotspot Shield VPN and DroidVPN.
Once activated you just need to go to What is My IP Address website and verify if you IP address is anonymized.

A similar app is Orbot, it uses Tor to anonymize apps that uses network.

Set app permissions

there are various apps that allows to set apps permissions and to define which data of your device can be accessed.

OpenPDroid, PDroid 2.0, XPrivacy are three apps developed by XDA senior members for this purpose.

Another app that doesn’t requires root privileges is NoRoot Firewall.

Whereas Pri-Fy (it requires root) protects you from Wi-Fi based tracking.

Apps for hiding

there are apps that allows to keep safe files in your devices that you dont want be seen by others. For example KeepSafe and Armadietto Foto allows to hide images and Armadietto Video allows to hide videos.

If you want to hide incoming calls and messages aFirewall does the job very well.

Color Note is a popular app that allows to take notes with the great feature to protect them with password.

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