How to watch video torrents in streaming

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Maybe not all knows that video torrents files can be played in streaming without being downloaded.

For example ROX Player it’s a normal video player but has also this feature.
Once installed you can open torrent in 3 ways: by .torrent file, by .torrent URL and by Magnet link. The video will buffer and should appear after some time.

Another solution, maybe more common, is Ace Stream free software, it’s a modified version of VLC that adds the support for torrent video files.
During installation you must install Ace Stream P2P Multimedia Plug-in, that’s the browser plugin (based on VLC plugin) that allows to works in web sites.
It’s also suggested the installation of Magic Player browser extension (for Firefox, Chrome and Opera) that adds a magic button in torrent details web page. Many sites/trackers are supported (you can see the list).

Naturally a very good internet connection is required and it’s highly suggested to don’t use any other program that use internet bandwidth during the streaming.

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