Best guidelines for SSD usage

By | 13 January 2014

SSD (Solid State Drive) technology is becoming more popular and going to replace traditional mechanic technology of hard disks.

They are even more cheaper and this allow to be more commonly used between users.

Most popular brands manufacturers are Intel, Samsung, OCZ, Crucial, SanDisk, Corsair, Kingston.

Here some tips to have best performances:

Never fill over 75% of storage capacity. The SSD drive works more efficiently with free space for writing.

Never defragment. To give long life to your SSD stop the tasks that does many writes such as defragmentation. For the same reason disable file indexing and the use of paging file related to virtual memory management (or if you have less RAM set fixed value).

Deleted files are really deleted so don’t use programs that allows to recover them. All modern OS (Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Mac OS X version 10.6.8 and later, Linux distros based on 2.6.28 kernel or later) support TRIM command. When you delete a file, tells to SSD disk that the file has been really deleted with TRIM command and the sectors will be immediately wiped.

Verify in the BIOS (SATA section) AHCI mode is set and in the device management in Windows the drivers with the support of AHCI are correctly installed and working. This allows to speed up SSD drive.

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