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By | 11 December 2013

Acronyms and Slang is a free service that allows to simply find the meaning of acronyms, urban slang and abbreviations online.

The service collect the most complete base of Acronyms, Abbreviations and Slang meanings sorted it by categories.

Actually 3.5M of Acronym and Slang meanings it’s in the database and it is growing and users can submit description of the new one acronyms.

There is also a powerful search engine, for example if you search all the definitions for the acronym USB the web site will show a list of results about the meaning of USB.
You can do also the revese, by selecting the radio button word in meaning and you type “universal serial bus” it will show a list of results of the acronyms which contains these words.

The service has also some cool features, for example you can vote how common is the slang and flag if it’s voulgar, it also proposes terms related for the abbreviation/slang you are currenly watching.

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