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Donators can also benefit of rewards given by project’s author (various rewards can be set based how much money donated); the rewards generally are strictly related about the project.

To submit own project you must have some prerequesites (creative, innovative or community-minded projects) and to be part of certain categories (there are many in Ulule: movies and videos, music, photography, tecnology, etc…)

You just need to register (by creating an account or logging in with Facebook) and fill minimal information to submi to Ulule moderation; these are:

– own name, surname and phone number
– project name and main language
– objective (budget, a minimum order to reach)
– currency
– project description
– rewards for donors
– references (if you have)

There isn’t a maximum budget that can be set (the minimum is 5 Euros) but must be realistic and consistent with their needs, and that must reach 100% during the time we established (max 90 days).

If the project doesn’t reach its fundraising goal, the people who pledged donations to your project are not charged. You don’t receive any money. However Ulule will provide you with the contact information of the people who made pledges so that you can thank them and contact them at a later time about supporting future projects on the site.

If you reach the goal Ulule will pay you the amount (you must provide them billing information) and they just keep a little percentage of the collected sum.

Projects can be submitted by individuals, non profit or business. Within max 48 you should receive a reply if your project has been accepted or not.
In the first case you enter the second step, the full management of the project (Sandbox mode).

You can make various actions with a useful menu (called Toolbox).

In this phase there are more fields available and you can also add media (images, videos) related to project. There is also a kind of help desk which you can communicate with Ulule team, however FAQ are very exaustive.

Once finished you can submit project to Ulule (clicking on the apposite button) that will publish and will be visible to all.

In the header there is a nice dashboard with the percentage funded, remaining time, total sum to reach, etc…

During the campaign the author can keep the “fans” always informed by updating/editing the project information as well as giving news with the apposite feature.

Ulule is also very social, with useful widgets you can share your project in blogs, sites and social networks. Registered and logged in users can leave comments. There is also Vox a community where you can interact with other users by submitting questions, topics, announcements.

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