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By | 15 February 2012

Maybe not all knows that multimediali files (photos, audio, video) contains descriptive information called metadata.
There are free programs that allows to read and modify these info.


i suggest ExifToolGUI that it’s a Windows interface for the true program called ExifTool by Phil Harvey.

Download the zip of the first and decompress the exiftoolgui folder where you like, then download the Windows executable zip of the second and extract the exe inside the same folder. Rename it from exiftool(-k).exe to exiftool.exe and then start ExifToolGUI.exe.
The program will be shown like in the pic.
When you select an image you can read the values of the various EXIF tags and modify them.


To read and write the audio files tags i suggest Mp3tag.
Within this program you can see these tags and modify them easily. Many audio formats are supported.
I must say has lot of features, you can also view/download/add cover art, import info from online databases like Amazon etc…, it allows the automatic creation of playlists.


to view and modify the tags of video files you can simply use a great video player, VLC. Once opened go to Tools -> Media information menu.

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