How to open a blog for free: the complete guide Part 3

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In this third part of the article-guide i analyze the Tumblr service.

Once you have done the fast registration filling e-mail, password and URL (the site address) you can just start to post.

The dashboard is simple, clean and easy (pic1).
Here you can choose an avatar and set various other important options: change URL address of the site, give permission to replies, give readers to ask you questions / contribute with their own posts, enable post share on Facebook and Twitter, post via e-mail, setup options for rss, choose language and time zone, allows indexing for search engines, set the site as Not safe for work.

You can choose what to post based by the kind of content.

Tumblr has great social features:

– you can follow other blogs, their posts will appear automatically in your dashboard (pic2)
– you can “reblog” posts, for who knows Twitter it’s equal to a retweet (pic3)
– you can like the posts (heart icon)

Click on “Untitled” you can choose the content of the post: text (pic4), pic (pic5), quote (pic6), link (pic7), chat (pio8), audio (pic9), video (pic10).

Ok for example we assume to write a text post. Insert the title, then the content, optionally the tags and publish it.
Naturally you can edit/delete it everytime you want. Open the frontend address and it looks like in the pic (pic11).

You can customize various aspects of the blog (pic12).
Here you can modify blog title instead of the anonymous “Untitled”, choose a theme: there are many, both free and premium; if you are skilled you can also make a custom theme by editing directly the HTML code.
By changing the theme it will affect on the graphic and layout.
You can make a customization of the theme by choosing the colors and fonts, images for header and background, add pages.

This is Tumblr in short, a simple and effective service to publish and share various kind of content.

In the fourth and last part i will analyze Blogger the blog service by Google.

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