Todo Backup Free 4 review

By | 10 January 2012

Todo Backup Free is one of the most fully featured free solution for Windows backup and restore (32 and 64 bit supported). EaseUS has introduces various changes with new version 4 such as a more compact interface that semplifies the backup process, the support (backup and clone) for dynamic and GPT disks, a centralized console to manage multiple installations of Todo Backup clients.

I like the interface more simple and clean, all essential tasks are grouped in Home tab. Here we can backup files, disks/partitions and system; recover files, disks/partitions and system; clone disks and partitions; useful tools: check images, create bootable disk, wipe data, mount/unmount, convert images and the option to enable PreOS.

As said EaseUS has introduced a management console, for example in a local network scenario is possible to deploy backup plans for multiple installations of EaseUS Todo Backup clients.

Other interesting features are the one click backup and restore (importat also to dissimilar hardware), WinPE and Linux based bootable disk for an easy backup and restore also when Windows has boot problems.

The free version is suitable both for home and business users, there are also workstation and server versions with more features.

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