Best Firefox extensions of 2011 part 1

By | 8 April 2011

The past year i wrote an article about must have Firefox 3.6 compatible extensions, the post still remain valid (many extensions are updated with new browser versions), with the new Firefox 4 version here is a nice collection of new (or updated) extensions to have:

Always right allows to open new tabs immediately to right

Blue Box Proxy it allows to bypass sites with restrictions

Cloud Magicintroduces instant search for your online data

Cocoon privacy extension to surf safe

Cookies Manager+ it allows to modify the cookies

DeeperWeb it allows to surf to Google results with like tags

Do Not Track Plus another privacy extension

Download Youtube Videos + it allows to easily dowload Youtube videos and from other many sites

Drag2Up it makes easy file hosting uploads

F1 Mozilla extension that allows you to share links in a fast and fun way

Fireshot extension to make screenshots

Flash Video Downloader it allows to download Flash videos from many sites

FlashResizer it allows to resize Flash windows

FloatNotes it allows to add useful notes

HTTPS finder it allows to surf with https when available

GrooveControl an extension that interfaces with Grooveshark service to listen music

MinUI it allows to modify the browser GUI

Home Dash an high customized dashboard

People Lookup it allows to find peoples info

PlayLink redirect links to an external media player

Power Twitter add many features to Twitter

RSFind it allows to find on file hosting sites

Start Faster it allows to start Firefox more fast

Tab Badge notifies about site updates on tabs

TabCloud it allows to save opened tabs on the cloud

Textarea Cache it allows to recover lost text of web forms

TooManyTabs allows you to store as many tabs as you like by adding extra rows

TrashMail it allows to create temporary email inboxes

TwitterBar it allows to tweet from browser address bar

Update Scanner monitor web pages and notifies updates

vertical tabs it makes a vertical layout of the tabs

ViewMarks it allows to save bookmarks in an alternate way

Youtube Music Player a music player for the famous site

You can download all in a single pack here (inside there are all the extension urls)


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