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By | 16 February 2011

Uranium Backup is a powerful and versatile software for backup solutions on Windows (XP / Server 2003 – 2008 / Vista – 7 32 and 64 bit).

We all know how much is important own data security and this very good software can help us by offering a reliable solution without thinking about software and hardware “disasters”.

The software is multilingual and available in different versions:

free: backup with local disk and network direct copy or zip compression, on external disks (USB/Firewire/SATA), etc…

base: over features of free versions it offers disaster recovery, it means full disc images; backup via FTP and e-mail, creation of zip files with size of over 4gb, sync with files deletion, it can be executed as Windows service, autoupdate feature

pro: it offers features of base versions + specific features, the Pro tape version offer support to various tapes, the Pro Burn version offer support of CD/DVD/HD-DVD and Blu-Ray burning, the Pro SQL version offer the feature to backup S SQL Server databases, the Pro Shadow version can copy blocked files with Volume Shadow Copy and allows also copies of running virtual machines on the fly

gold: the full version, it includes all features of other versions

Here my feedback about the program, actually at version 8:

The program show a nice and clean interface.

To set a new backup you must define a new backup set. once you gave a name and description, sub-elements will be automatically created:

xxx.bks: it’s the configuration file, clicking on it you can see backup statistics

items and destinations: here you can define files and folders to be backup and destination folder scheduling: you can program to start the backup on a specific date / time

options: here you can find general backup options about destination folder, hidden and system files, blocked/in use files; options about direct copy, zip compression (compression level, encryption with password), options for ftp transfers, tape backup, burning, running of other processes (start programs before and after backup set)

log: you can read logs generated by backup sets

mail report: you can tell to generate a report that will sent to a specific mail address

Once defined all these backup set options you can immediately run it, you can continue your work / web surfing etc… during execution as the process is very light for the system; at the end you can see the results.

From Tools menu you can restore from tape, restore from CD/DVD/HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, restore of SQL Server database. There are also a useful built-in ftp client, .zip decryption feature, backup running through Windows service, general options, autoupdate feature; you can see log and configuration files.

I finish this review saying that i find the software very useful both for desktop and server environments (with the scheduling feature, ftp and network drives support, NAS server and tapes, synchronization).

The free version is enough to make a simple backup, if you want to benefit of all nice and great features you should use base or pro or gold versions.

A big thanks to FreeSoft S.r.l. that exclusively offers to Simo blog readers 3 Gold licenses fully free, so you can use all program’s features!

How to obtain them?

You can join the contest following that:

anyone that has a blog, a Twitter account or a Facebook account

the contest start from now and will end the 28 February 2011


– who has a blog can write an article with link to this review/contest and at least the words “Simo blog”

– who has a Twitter account can write a tweet with link to this review/contest and at least the words “Simo blog” or simply retweeting this article

– who has a public Facebook profile/page can write a post with link to this review/contest and at least the words “Simo blog” or simply can click Like button

Finally leave a comment with your data (valid e-mail address) reporting the link of your own blog post, or the address of your own Twitter account to verify the tweet or the address of your own Facebook profile/page to verify the related post.

I remember that the comment must be unique for who has a blog + associated Facebook profile/page and/or associated Twitter account, you just must use only one of these “channels”.

The 3 winners will be randomly extracted at the end of the contest (names will be associated to progressive numbers then extracted via and will be contacted by e-mail obtaining a Gold license of Uranium Backup.

In case of not reaching at least 3 valid users comments the contest will doesn’t consider the expiration and will continue until reaching it.

So good luck!

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