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By | 2 February 2011

For personal or business purposes you can need a web space. The choose between web hosting providers are really a lot!
Firstly you need tosearch most proper hosting that match your need and considering various parameters: eg.
is enough a free web hosting or not?
If it isn’t free what kind of hosting to choose? (low cost, shared, virtual, dedicated)
Local country hosting or foreign?
How much traffic in terms of visits you expect?
You must upload a static or dynamic site?
What features the server must have? (Windows or Linux hosting, what and how many db supported, etc…)

These are jsut only few important questions that the user must answer to value the best choose, then obviously will be valued the most advantaging in terms of services offered/price.

Naturally i can’t say to choose xxx hosting instead of yyy hosting because user needs are very different.
So these are links to web sites that talk about web hosting and that can help you to choose the best for you:

WebHosting Talk
WebHostingTalk Forums
Web hosting geeks
Web Host Magazine


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