Interview with IObit about computer security

By | 30 December 2010

1) Please introduce yourself, your role on IObit and some words about the company

Hi everybody, Iā€™m Kevin Zhou the Marketing Director of IObit. IObit is focusing on providing end-users with the most innovative and comprehensive system utilities and security software for best PC performance and security. Surprisingly most of the software is distributed under free licenses. IObit is now a well established and popular software company with millions of active users worldwide.

2) IObit develop great security software both for home and business segments, what users look and need for their computer security?

100% make sure there is no hidden spyware or malware in their PC system even with a single antivirus. Besides, most antivirus cannot detect and remove rogueware or scareware. Just Google “registry cleaner” and you can find some in Google advertisements.

3) IObit software received many awards, what features a security product/suite must absolutely have to satisfy users?

High detection rate, powerful removal ability, and light resource usage.

4) Single products vs all-in-one security suite, pro and cons?

Pro: combine any products you like or prefer.
Cons: may cause conflicts, especially for real-time protection.

5) Do you have statistics about security threats? What kind of malware (trojan, keylogger, rootkit, adware/spyware, evil web pages, etc…) is actually most spread?

Around 250,000, updated every day. According to our observation, adware/spyware is the most active.

6) About home segment, are you agree that often users got infected because don’t pay so much attention about security (eg. run files downloaded from “untrusted”/unknown sites or by p2p)?

Yes, I agree. But, even PC security savvy will get infected if he/she is not so alert šŸ™‚ You know, some threats are so smart.

7) About business segment, private companies and also public sector are enough “sensible” to computer security?

Most small business and mid-size companies depend upon a single paid antivirus, which is dangerous. But they think they cannot afford more.

8 ) Over traditional antivirus, users can benefit of security products that uses cloud technology, IObit deal with it?

Yes, in the latest version, we implement a simple IObit Security Cloud technology. And we are improving it based upon users’ feedback.

9) A common question that users have is what revenues have people that produces malware? Is a common mistake that someone think security software companies produces malware too for selling their products?

We estimate that one malware company can get around $3M USD annual revenue. I cannot make sure no security company produce malware, but I am sure that IObit never produce security threats šŸ™‚

10) A last question, what do you expect for the future of security related software and systems protection?

Do not cause system lag, better protection with higher detection and lower false positive.

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