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By | 15 September 2010

The newsgroups are used as discussion threads inside groups and they use NNTP protocol. Many e-mail clients support them (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc…); naturally to download and read groups you must know the addresses of news servers, some are public, other privates; here is a good list of public news servers; also Google has own online service Google Groups (you need Google account).

Newsgroups are used also for binary files distribution, there are specific groups (eg. alt.binaries…) where generally we can find files in attachment to discussions and split in multiple messages.

To begin you must download a client suitable for downloading files from newsgroup, there are various free: Unzbin (for Windows, lightweight and easy to use), HelloNzb (opensource, in Java, so multiplatform), SABnzbd (opensource, in Python, so multiplatform).

On programs settings you must know and set the news server address desired.
Once connected you can start to download by importing nzb files that in practice are a “container” with all info/parts of what you want to download.
But where to find these nzb files?
You can use the good and simple NZB Leecherprogram that it’s an interface with Usenet search engines like nzbindex and allows to download these files ready to be imported in the mentioned clients.

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