The sat and the piracy

By | 18 February 2010

Over computer i always had interest for all hi-tech/electronic related stuffs.
One of that matter is satellite.

I dont wanna talk here with specific technic terms and not about all the world of sat, will be no sense and impossible 🙂 (there are many sites and specialized forums for this)
I wanna particularly talk an aspect of the sat, the piracy phenomenon.
Just like in computer world also in this field there is piracy, ways to watch channels illegally.
Without entering too much in detail i can say there are various kind of crypto systems used to scramble paied bouquet channels signals of sat providers.
The keys are decrypted via software/hardware within specific smart card/cam modules/decoder.
Actually there are 2 main ways used to bypass these “protections”:

full crack – when the crypto system is knows and the keys are rendered clear
(a true emulation is done within specific smart card / cam modules / decoders that must be properly programmed)

card sharing – it’s the share of a legal card via local or via internet.
Within specific hardware and software keys are shared with other people phisically in a specific place/space (eg. apartments buildings) or via Internet (client/server)

I should say that it exists a third way, but it isn’t illegal at all, they are feed services.
There are some service channels, generally you dont know frequencies, that various providers use for test.
So by know the freqs you could watch some events broadcasted by that provider.

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