Work and store files online vs offline

By | 12 February 2010

A question that lastly i made to myself, and that i want know your opinion too about, considering various tools and services that now Internet offer us you prefer work online or offline? (or a mix of both)

taking notes, taking appointments on calendar, work with office tools, archive photos, videos and music etc… are all daily activities that you perform with pc.
So how do you act? You prefer to work offline and so doing all the jobs directly from operating system or do you use online tools and services like web mail, online Office applications such as Google Docs, store photos on Flickr o Picasa, store files in Windows Live Skydrive etc…

Both have pro and cons.
Work/store offline sure is more istantaneous and doing jobs more fast; but doing it online has the advantages to have data safe and alwaya available at any time (you can share them too).

Maybe im at “old mode” but i work a lot offline (naturally except when working with the blog, even if there are tools that can do that job offline), naturally making backups, then when i need to work online for something i do it.


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