Windows 7: first impressions

By | 7 November 2009

With the new hard disk that i buyed to replace the broken one i had chance to install the new O.S. by Microsoft (within USB flash drive) into mine HP DV5-1033EL notebook.

Specificalli i have installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (to fully use the 4gb ram)

Some statistics:

installation time: 30 minutes about
boot time (included time running until desktop): 1.30 minutes
shutdown time: 15 seconds
physical memomry utilized (taken after boot): 25%

Soon i had good opinions over times performances, i liked the superbar and the deletion of Vista sidebar (gadget can now be single activated using right click on desktop), taskbar icons grouped and minimized and can customized too (you can choose if show or not, setup the notifications), the Windows Explorer bar menu has Windows Live style, all others Windows 7 main features.

About hardware support is gone well, operating system recognized most,the others or updates of existing one downloaded and installed the drivers from Windows Update.

I can say a very good operating system to replace Windows XP with the look and features of Windows Vista.


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