Migrating from Outlook and Thunderbird clients to Windows Live Mail

By | 24 August 2009

Windows Live Mail (or WLM) it’s the email client of the Windows Live suite, for Windows XP/Vista/Seven.

It’s possible to use it in substitution of other clients; so let’s see how to export all the messages from most of the famous email clients and import them in WLM.

case 1) from Outlook Express or Windows Mail (email client in Vista that substitutes OE)

to export from these clients to Windows Live Mail you dont need any pre operation, directly you can import in Windows Live Mail. In WLM select from File menu (if it isn’t available you must enable it with Alt+M and then select “show menu bar”) -> Import -> Messagges and then select Outlook Express 6 or Windows Mail.

case 2) from Outlook (of the MS Office suite)

also in this second case is possible to directly import in WLM like the same method of case 1, so from Import you just need to select Outlook. In case of error like: “The Export could not be performed. An error occurred while initializing MAPI” you can first export from Outlook to Outlook Express and then import from OE to Windows Live Mail as described in the case 1.

case 3) from Mozilla Thunderbird

In this last case you need first to export the emails from Thunderbird in .eml format (which is the format of single mails of Outlook Express) within specific tools like extensions AutoSave or ImportExportTools. Then open them and select File -> Move to folder (or press Ctrl+Shift+V) and select the desired folder (assuming that WLM is set as default email client)


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