Best Android apps for modders

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Who is a fan of Android modding, the modification of the original firmware of Android devices done by obtaining root access (super user), recovery and custom ROM installation can’t miss the following apps, list updated to 2016.

XDA Labs – the official app of the famous Android community, you can easily access the forum, XDA apps, Xposed modules and much more.

Xposed – here you can find the famous framework created by rovo89 (an XDA forum user) and browse and download the various modules.

Flashify (paid version available) – ROM manager, allows to easily flash boot.img, recovery.img and zip files.

System app remover – allows you to remove pre-installed system apps.

Viper4Android FX – app for audiophiles, it allows to manage the the audio output of the device in a professional way.

Titanium Backup – allows backup/restore apps (and data).

Greenify (paid version available) – app-hibernation tool to maximize the battery saving.

Tasker (paid) – automates actions based on specific triggers.

BetterBatteryStats – provides comprehensive battery stats.

Root explorer (paid) – advanced file manager for root users.

SD Maid – system and app (pro version) cleaning tool.

Link2SD – allows to move applications to the SD card.

CF.lumen – adapts the colors on your Android device by modifying the temperature, paid version which unlock more features is available.

BusyBox – needed for any rooted Android device. Most root apps or features will not work unless this is installed first, paid version available.

Lucky Patcher – allows you to remove license verification of the apps, Google ads and much more.

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