Emulate Android on PC: the free solutions

By | 22 March 2016

android pc emulator

There are different solutions that allows to emulate Android on PC, but what are the advantages? You can use apps and games on different architecture, use big screen, test own apps before deploy if you are a developer.

In these last year the emulation on PC has been improved and there are even more solutions that allows to run most recent apps and games quickly and easily.

Bluestacks one of the most popular emulator, for PC and Mac. Pro: easy to install and use, allows to play most games. Cons: the interface doesn’t allows a full Android experiences, performances are laggy.

Andy PC and Mac emulator. Pro: provides seamless sync between desktop and mobile devices, enables app download from any desktop browser direct to Andy OS, ensures most up to date Android OS, allows to use smartphone as controller, Desktop push notifications, allows to install launchers. Cons: not so user friendly as Bluestacks, could have problems to run some games.

MEmu for PC, allows to play the full Android experience thanks to the nice interface. Pro: flexible customization (CPU, memory size, resolution, device model, etc…), passing through sensor data (e.g. accelerometer) to Android, file sharing between Windows and Android, fast APK installation. Cons: only for Windows.

Nox is a lightweight and fast emulator focused on gaming.

LeapDroid emulator for Windows. High compatibility with apps, keyboard mapping, quick and smooth to deliver the highest FPS possible, supports multi accounts.

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